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12 indispensable and free tools when working with Digital Marketing

Working with Digital Marketing involves a lot of planning, and like with any other business, it’s about spending your time as efficiently as possible. In Digital Marketing you can do this by using some planning tools. They are actually essential for the business to operate. However, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out which tools and programs are the best, in terms of price and quality. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our fav 12 indispensable and free tools when working with Digital Marketing. 

1. Trello 

Let’s start out with the basics: communication and planning between colleagues. It’s essential, and Trello does the job. Trello is a tool that allows you to plan and keep track of your projects – both for yourself but also between colleagues. On Trello you can create different boards with checklists, to-do lists, notes, etc., all of which are updated live, so that each person can see exactly when a task has been solved or added. You can tag people in specific tasks, or in comments on the different tasks.


2. Google Drive 

You probably know it already, but that doesn’t mean we won’t mention this tool because it’s one of the most important tools in our planning. On Google Drive we have all our pictures and documents from the different companies we work with. Google Drive also updates live, which means we can work on the same document at the same time, and share files between as many customers and colleagues as needed. Google Drive is indispensable!


12 free tools when working with Digital Marketing

3. Canva 

When working in Digital Marketing, you need to create content, and sometimes that

also means creating graphics! Forget about getting to know all the features of the Adobe package, expensive courses, and hours of editing on Adobe. Canva is intuitive and can be used by anyone. Canva provides us with designs, templates for graphics, photos, etc. The only thing you need to do, is to upload your own pictures and change the texts, and

there you go – professional looking graphics, that look like the ones you would

see in most campaigns. Thank you Canva!


4. Pexels 

When you are doing content creation but don’t exactly have a photo that fits the theme, Pexels is there for you! Pexels is a platform where photographers upload their images so others can use them, and this is absolutely free of charge. The only thing they ask for is to mention them below the picture, but this is not a requirement. For the most part, we work with our own images, but in some tasks such as ghost writing, Pexels is our go-to. There are many similar sites, but our favorite is Pexels!


5. Snapseed 

When working in Digital Marketing, one of the most important tasks is photo editing. Snapseed is an excellent photo editing tool that offers the features we need in order to edit our images.

Link: This is an App

6. Hootsuite 

Hootsuite is another indispensable program used to schedule posts. We simply make all posts for a whole month at a time, and then put them on Hootsuite, which posts them throughout the month. It makes our lives easier and allows us to post on days and times that we are not working. Only today, we have planned more than 1,000 posts for our customers! So the next time you see a Facebook post from a business, at. 9 in the morning on a Sunday, it is probably Hootsuite that’s behind it 😉


7. Tile Pic 

We use this app to give our Instagram posts a Grid format. It divides an image into e.g. 12 parts, and post on 12 different days. This gives the Instagram profile a beautiful design, and is perfect if you don’t have enough pictures to post every day, but still want to be active on social media.

Link: This is an app, but take a look at our own Instagram design:

8. Mailchimp 

We use this tool to design our newsletters. You write the text, create your design at Mailchimp, and there you go! It’s super easy to send great newsletters today. Get insight into the number of clicks and opening rates, or link your account with Google Analytics and measure your conversions.


9. Ripl 

This app is amazing if you want to make fast and professional videos! It’s free, but if you want the watermark at the bottom removed, you can upgrade to the paid version.

Link: This is an app. 

10. Preview

Preview is an app that helps you plan your posts, but specifically for Instagram. This app can edit, schedule, help you with hashtags, reposts and more. A great tool if you are a big user of Instagram, even if it is only your own account 😉

Link: This is an app.

11. Zubtitle 

This program schedules and transcribes your videos, so you only have to make small corrections afterwards. It will get your videos ready for social media in just a few minutes. The first credit is free, afterwards you’ll have to pay.

Link: This is an app. 

12. Toggl

In case you don’t know it yet, Speak Tourism’s team works online! This means that we decide our own workplace, whether that’s an island in the Caribbean or at home from the couch. It also means that we do not have the usual structure of a workplace, and this is where this app comes in handy! Toggl is a tool that helps you increase your productivity. You can connect it to all your devices, and then it really acts like a boss standing behind you, as soon as you take your eyes off work! Toggle offers you a timer for tasks, reports on the amount of time tasks take. Obviously a useful tool when working from home!


We hope you have gotten a little more insight, both on how we work, but also on how YOU can optimize your digital marketing with these amazing tools. Curious to learn more about us? Visit us here 👈

Thank you for reading!

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