3 Tips How-to Hashtag Your Way to Success💥

Hashtag Your Way to Your Customers & Level up Your Insta Game🚀

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The evolution of the hashtag(#) has gone wild, agree? How has the symbol once only known for being a tic-tac-toe game brick turned into being the queen 👑 of multiple social media platforms? Hard to tell, but part of it is surely due to t’s magical power of connecting, empowering, and spreading awareness amongst people and organisations.

Moreover, today there is no doubt that hashtags carry an indispensable role as appendages used for communication and finding information on social media. But do YOU actually use them for elevating YOUR business’ Instagram game to the next level? In this guide we will present you 3 easy’n powerful tips on how to hashtag your way to success #Letsdothis 👯‍♂️ 


1. Hashtags Increase Awareness & Visibility 👀



If you want your posts to reach their full potential, you should not limit yourself to only sharing your content with your direct audience. By adding multiple hashtags, your content becomes discoverable by all users of Instagram and not just your own followers.

However, the secret lies within combining less popular, so to say niche hashtags with broad popular trending hashtags so you hit both those precisely being a 1:1 on your business persona AND those who are for your business or those who might share similar traits with your primary customer. Hashtags are often an extension of interests and desires, so remember this when picking yours too! What would a customer search for? And can you leverage on similar businesses hashtags? One does not own a hashtag so be creative.

A post with one single hashtag receives 12,6% more engagement than a post without any hashtag 🚀”

The key to success is to let the hashtags do the work for you! But how to come up with effective and relevant hashtags? Start off by making a list of keywords that you can relate to your brand, business area or company slogan! These can be separated into different categories of which you can deploy regardless of what content you are posting. 

Make it easy for yourself and start with exploring what hashtags competitors and fellow colleagues are using. Or use one of the many Hashtag Generators that suggests a list of hashtags including their rank based on popularity and rarity. We love these – maybe you will too. SISTRIX Instagram Hashtag Generator or Ingramer Hashtag generator for Instagram – Psst the first few enquiries are free!

Oh oh, and if you need a mobile app version of a hashtag generator, then try AuthoHash. This app suggests you the best hashtags based on the object in your Insta photo. No more manual typing of hashtags. How cool is that! 

Let’s give you a hands-on  example: Let’s say if you work in a restaurant, the following hashtags are being suggested to you👇 

Hashtag Your Way to Success
Hashtag Your Way to Success

2. Hashtags Enhance Social Media Marketing  💪


Wondering how to boost your marketing strategy? Say no more. The glamorous power of hashtags is ready to assist you. Combine niche and trending hashtags which make your posts spottable and hence allow you to promote your products and your business – While spreading your brand’s awareness 🚀


Want something more? Make some buzz around your brand by creating your own branded hashtag which can be followed. So, even if your customers don’t follow your brand’s profile, they might join the movement of following a unique branded hashtag created by YOU. This way you will be still able to reach your customers and even attract new ones. 

This hashtag does not have to carry the name of your business or brand, but it will be largely associated with your brand identity. So don’t rush into creating one, unless you have done your research on it. Think of something short and sweet that your audience can easily remember and associate with your brand. 


Include this hashtag into your posts and your followers can stay up-to-date with the published content via your brand’s profile, but also via the ´followed´ hashtag. You can also let your followers do the marketing for you. Drop this hashtag into your Insta bio and encourage your audience to use it. The results? User-generated content that promotes your brand and building a larger community around your brand by linking like-minded people together. What a win-win. Yayy! 🙆

Curious to see an example of a branded hashtag? For example, KitKat uses #HaveAbreak. Wanna see ours? Then hunt for our signature hashtag #wespeaktourism or visit our Instagram profile directly and check out what hashtags do we use 🔍

Hashtag Your Way to Success
Hashtag Your Way to Success

Remember, hashtags work like search engines on social media. When combining your own signature hashtag or less popular hashtags with ultra-popular ones, you get closer to your target audience and also raise awareness of your brand among a larger crowd. 


Did you know❓👀

That you can monitor hashtags and use automation for engagement? Hootsuite or Socialalert are brilliant tools to start with – and some of our faves too! 💜


Are you a rather visual person? Voila! Below you can see, how did Socialert track the performance of the #visitnordjylland hashtag 👇

Hashtag Your Way to Success

3. Hashtags Generate Greater User Engagement & Community Building 💗


Your relationship with your followers gets elevated to the next level when you engage with them in conversations. Like mentioned before, hashtags enable connecting like-minded users to get together and create a bigger conversation on a specific subject. Why not make your brand to be the subject of that conversation💥?!


Just like you can initiate a conversation when adding a hashtag to your post, you can also engage in one when your signature hashtag has been used. Don’t be shy about getting involved in your followers’ conversation by hitting a like👍 or even leaving a comment 💬 Your followers will feel noticed and appreciated 😍 What is in it for you? Besides increasing your brand’s visibility, you get a greater user engagement, more followers or even more customers for your business. 


Just take a sneak peek at the Instagram account of VisitNordjylland and see how they organise their hashtags and connect like-minded 🎉

“Employment of hashtags into your content needs to be well-thought-through, however, it certainly does pay off.”

Do you want to learn more about hashtags and their proper employment into your Instagram? Then click on this link from the SoMe scheduling tool Later and get more hashtag-related info 👉 The Ultimate Guide to Using Instagram Hashtags.


Having troubles with identifying suitable hashtags for your business? Do not hesitate and reach out to us by adding a comment below or sending us an email. Our team is happy to assist with your inquiry or to provide further information on the topic 💜 Contact us here.

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Until next time… Happy Hashtagging! 😊


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