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☝Scale Your Project Management with These 9 Digital Marketing Tools

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Did you enjoy our previous blog from our blog series on indispensable and free digital marketing tools? In case you have not seen it (yet!), click here!

🥁Here we come with another list of nifty & free digital marketing tools – PART2!💪

As a project manager you must carry some serious weight on your shoulders when making sure that projects under your responsibility run smoothly. You must stay organized, keep track of all tasks and dates and maintain the workflow of all your team members 📋📆👥 

1. Trello

First things first, managing projects means to carefully plan and organize everything. Forget the sticky notes with to-do-lists and deadline reminders📅 That’s what Trello is for! It is a web-based project management tool in the form of  a visual board for making notes, creating tasks and keeping track of the progress of all your projects 💪You can create more boards and share them with people who work on the same project as you. All the changes on the boards are updated live, hence all your team members will be aware of all updates. How cool is that?! While the free version has limited features, it is perfectly usable. You can of course purchase the upgraded version with more features.

Digital Marketing Tools

2. Slack

👉Now this is where the work happens – or at least the communication part of it 💬🗣Slack is perfect for quick communication with your team members or clients. It allows you to create separate chat rooms or ‘channels’ for conversations on various topics.

Digital Marketing Tools

3. Hootsuite

Do you need an assistant for managing your social media content? Search no more! Hootsuite is a great user-friendly tool where you can schedule your audience engagements and just enjoy watching how your brand interacts with the audience 24/7


 More of the same?! Sure, we can do that!


Of course there are more options on tools that serve the same purpose. Alternatively to Hootsuite, you can check out these tools


4. Facebook Creator Studio

This is Facebook’s own built-in 🏠 content management tool that allows you to effectively post, manage, monitor and measure your content and connect with your audience across your Facebook and Instagram accounts🙆 The desktop version is completely connected to your Facebook page, hence you can find it in the top navigation or just click here.

Digital Marketing Tools

5. Later.com

Later.com is a social media management tool that enables you to schedule your posts across Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Two great things about this tool:

A ✅ it lets you to preview your IG posts on your feed, and provides drag and drop functions

B ✅ it can synchronize your images directly from Google Drive or Dropbox

Later does not offer a free trial, but there is a limited free version available for you to use

6. Sprout Social

📌Our last tip on social media management tools would be definitely Sprout Social. This tool can be used for marketing management purposes but also for brand optimization, as it supplies you with powerful analytics and data both on your performance and your audience These are some examples of report that can be provided to you: engagement report, twitter trends report or Facebook competitors 📊Sprout Social offers you a 30-day free trial.

7. Google Drive 

Okay, so this tool might not come as a surprise, but it certainly does have a magic power💫 📁 When you need a place where you could save all your files, sheets, projects and documents and then be able to access them anytime you want, where do you turn to? Exactly! Google Drive! Google Drive is a cloud-storage solution enabling you to back up and access your files from any online device 💻📱The coolest thing about this tool is that it updates live, hence your team is aware of any edits or comments added to your shared files.

8. Bitly

When your project is all done you will want to notify the whole world about it. So, you will need to share a link. But honey, the long URL links are not in fashion anymore Your audience will not click on it. Today the call-to-action needs to be short and sweet. Exactly, how Bitly does it! Bitly is a link shortener, it takes the endless URLs and shrinks them into something clickable. Especially, since you can edit the back-end of the link according to your liking! 


Do you need another reason why to love this tool? It can also track clicks, view site referrals, and show geographical locations with the most clicks. Oh-h, and don’t forget – there is a completely free version of it!

Digital Marketing Tools


⏳Time flies so fast when you have all these cool tools, digital assistants, that help you to get your work done. Do you want one more? Of course! In case you work online and do not have a per se 9to5🕒 job then this tool is going to come super handy for you. Toggl is a time tracking software, which can help you to ‘keep eye’ on the time that you spend on a particular task or working in general. Whether you are a solo freelancer, member of a small or big team this tool will enhance your productivity and save you time that you can spend elsehow💆

Digital Marketing Tools

Psst, secrecy sharing❗

Our Speak Tourism Team works online from different parts of the world, hence Toggl is our go-to tool when tracking the progress of our projects or following the team’s productivity💪😉

➕ Bonus Tool!

10. Facebook Ad Library

Another great tool offered by Facebook. This tool can be used within the research state of project management but also when planning ad campaigns for your own product or project. 🕵Facebook Ad Library offers you a chance to spy on your competitors and see what products and services are moving in the market📈 It lets you discover what works for others and how to differentiate yourself 💡Gather project ideas or gain inspiration on content for ad campaigns of your project🚀

So, this is our list of digital marketing assistants for project management. Now you are all set to go back to work and implement them on your own. We hope that these tools make your work easier and more enjoyable 😇In case of any further questions or in need of guidance regarding a particular tool, do not hesitate and contact us. Our team is happy to assist with your inquiry or to provide further information on the topic.


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Until next time… Happy project managing!



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