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Creative Tools to Skyrocket your Digital Marketing💫

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Creating professional-looking images for your digital marketing will not give you a headache anymore. You do not have to be a graphic designer in order to be able to create awesome images, videos, GIFs etc. All you need is:

  • A, a couple of tools that will do the work for you
  • and B, us 😎 as we exactly know which are the go-to tools that will skyrocket your digital marketing.

To save you from going all Sherlock Holmes on investigating what to use for designing various creatives for your digital marketing content, we have created a list of must-have tools for YOU. And the best part of it is yet to come – they are all GRATIS! 💪So, let’s dive in! Here are our fav & free digital marketing tools for graphic design & creatives.


1. Canva


In digital marketing creating text-based and visual content goes hand in hand. Lucky for you, you do not have to be a graphic designer in order to be able to create awesome visuals. All you need is – Canva. Using Canva is super easy, as it is an intuitive and well-equipped tool. It gathers an amazing amount of features, starting from various templates, designs, smartmockups all the way to animated elements and audio connection options. Available in mobile app too! 🙆


Canva is our all time favourite. It truly does mad tricks 💪💥Go wild with it!

Free Digital Marketing Tools

2. Pics Art


Trying to boost your image to the level as you saw it with your own eyes? 🤔Forget about spending infinite hours behind multiple photo editors. PicsArt is an all-in-one online tool with endless editing features that assists you in creating professional-grade visuals. PicsArt goes above and beyond the basic features and effects offering trendy designs that transform your images into something unreal. Creating content for social media or web marketing has never been so easy and fun as it is with this tool. You can trust us on this 😉Also available in mobile app version.

3. Pexels


When creating your own visuals is not a strong side of yours, do not worry. Pexels is a platform that gathers images on different themes from various creators. Feel free to give the creator credit when using their image by mentioning them, but of course you do not have to.

Free Digital Marketing Tools

4. RemoveBG


Experiencing struggles with the background of an image? Remove it with RemoveBG! Just upload the image, whose background you want to get rid of, wait a few seconds and Voilà! 🤩🥳

Now you can insert the element from the original image to any background you wish or use the clean product photo for your webshop! 

Free Digital Marketing Tools

5. Unscreen


Once you have learnt how to remove the background from a static image, you will most likely want to know how to do the same but with a video. Wanna hear the answer? It is Unscreen! Exactly the same process awaits you. Just upload the video whose background you want to get removed…wait…and ‘ta-da’!🥳

👀Pro tip:

🤫Psst..you can use this tool for making GIFs, like these👇, as well! If you want to learn more about making GIF stickers for Instagram, visit our previous blog here.

6. Landscape by Sprout Social


Are you creating multiple versions of the same content in order for your content to satiate the unique formatting requirements of each social media platform? Let us offer you a great solution 🤓 Sprout Social is introducing Landscape, a social media image resizing tool. With this tool you can quickly turn one image into multiple, each perfectly sized images for any social media platform that you are using.

Just upload the image, select social media platforms, crop & scale the image accordingly to each social media platform, download them all and go ahead and implement them. Check the time, how much of it did you save by doing this instead of designing each image directly to a particular social media platform. You are welcome !🙌💁

Free Digital Marketing Tools

7. Whatfontis


Okay, now this is something you must have experienced if you work in content marketing/digital marketing. Let me paint the picture You were just browsing online and suddenly noticed a font that you could instantly imagine for applying to your next title of your work. But you don’t know what it’s called. Whatfontis is a font finder tool you can count on in this matter! 

8. HTLM Color Codes


Same problem, but with identifying the color you just spotted on an image. Use HTLM Color Codes! Just upload the photo of which color code you want to uncover and the tool will do the rest of it for you. Easy Peasy!

Free Digital Marketing Tools



Last but not least. If you are tired of working with complex and time-consuming editing softwares in order to be able to create some videos, here is a tip for YOU. VEED.IO is an online video editor that enables you to create videos with only a few clicks. There are endless creative things that can be done through this tool, such as adding images, subtitles, transcribing audio or even making GIFs 😲Is that absolutely fantastic or what?!

Well, that would be it. We hope that these tools make your work easier and more enjoyable 😇Now it is your turn to try them out on your own. In case of any further questions or in need of guidance regarding a particular tool, do not hesitate and contact us. Our team is happy to assist with your inquiry or to provide further information on the topic.


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Until next time…Happy creative designing! 😉


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