Who We Are & What We Do:

Speak Tourism believes that the tourism universe of the future is creative, involving and based on close relationships and stories. As a media house and consulting firm, we manage and provide advice on:

• Online presence optimization
• Development of high quality tourism offers
• Maximizing the potential of destinations & visibility
• Development of innovative and future-proofed products
• Concept development
• Promote the development of sustainability

Speak Tourism has a strong focus on the use of content marketing, social media, trends and nudging. We have several years of experience managing companies’ online identity and continue to deliver strong results.
As a customer of Speak Tourism you always get your own dedicated account manager, which you can always call and write to. You receive continuous reporting and feedback on what we do, so that together we can ensure the most optimal result for you. Besides that, we are proud to build close relationships with our customers, where together we can create safe and creative frameworks to reach new heights. Join us on the journey and talk to us “with tourism” – together we attract more customers to your business.

- Vision -

“To create sustainable and value-creating online identities and initiatives for tourist destinations and tourism companies”

- Clients -

- Company karma -

Speak Tourism is built on the passion to create meaning and make a difference. The way we do this is to give our employees full responsibility and confidence in shaping their everyday lives to suit them best. At Speak Tourism, we do not have fixed meeting times and every Friday is kept free early, so each employee has time to recharge, or immerse themselves in projects that are important to them. It creates passionate and happy employees, who want to make a difference. For our customers, this means better results and closer cooperation. It also means full transparency and fair prices. We want everyone to succeed with online marketing – whether you want us to do it or simply need our help to get started.

As a company, we are also very aware of giving back where we can. Among other things, Nana provides 5 hours a month to help students or others who want feedback on business ideas, education plans or personal branding without payment. Besides that, all our projects and business management are based on creating sustainable initiatives on an economic, natural and social-cultural level.

Meet me:

My name is Nana and in 2016 I founded Speak Tourism with the vision of helping Danish tourist destinations to have a more professional approach to the use of social media. Since then, the company has grown significantly and now has a larger international perspective on the use of social media, destination development and sustainability.

I am a service economist, specialized in tourism, I have a bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Management and I am currently studying a MSc in European Tourism Management, which I will finish in September 2019. Besides that, I have the title as a social media manager from Act2Learn, obtained from University College in Northern Jutland, Denmark.
As part of my work and education I have lived as a digital nomad for the past three years, which has given me a strong international perspective and cultural understanding. I speak Danish, English and Spanish, and have a thorough knowledge of these markets.

I am proud to say that I have worked with Chinese students in Shanghai to attract more Chinese tourists to Denmark, been behind the scenes of how to build strong experience concepts in Florida at Lego and VisitOrlando, facilitated major event at Miami Beach, helped design a new sustainable boutique hotel to achieve Instagrammability, guided tourist companies with 50,000+ social media followers to improve their strategies and ROI, worked with international teams across regions, languages ​​and backgrounds, and I get our customers to grow on social media on a daily basis.

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