Me! Me! Send an email to me! 🙋🏼‍♀️ E-mail marketing with cool features

If you are looking for a simple guide on how to use MailChimp or how to start using email marketing in your business then this post ain’t for you. Are you instead looking for cool features you can use to jazz up your normal CTAs or effects in your emails, then look no further.


In this guide we will share some simple and easy peasy tricks to make your email more appealing. Often when we take over our clients email marketing they are all well set with standard segmentation and the classic auto emails. But where they are lacking a bit of love is in the design part and more specifically, the yumminess of their CTA solutions.
Therefore, we are sharing some of our fav features with you. All copyable to your own email marketing flow.


Countdown with live timer


With MotionMail you can quickly and for free set up a real time countdown. So no more ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT! BUY NOW.. and then when they open the email it is really 2 days! Confusing much? Yes. Fear no more. Type in the name and end day of your campaign, choose design, set up colours etc. and save! Then copy the HTML code and paste it into the code-content module in MailChimp for instance.


Psst. Want it centered? add < center > in the beginning of the tag and end with < /center > like shown here. Your go!

Let’s quiz 💃


Fyrebox blew my mind with their fun and amazing services: Free and fun quizzes! Fully ready to copy into your emails, making it possible for you to make your emails fun and interactive. So, I’ve just made a fast test version for you guys to see and as you can see you can set up different questions, answers and ofc make your own design too. You can also reward your subscribers with the right answers with a discount code or maybe a free gift? It’s all up to you, but this feature is lit in our opinion 🔥

Setting it up works the same way as the countdown timer. The only difference is that this time you need the “iframe src” code – but then you can copy/paste it into your Mailchimp code-module.

Stop calling me my name all the time – Merge tags


I freaking love that you can personalize emails with merge tags and the classic *|FNAME|* is still one of my fave go to option, but guys please do not milk this feature. I mean c’mon…. you shouldn’t call me by my name every 2 lines either, should you, weirdo?



Head towards a cheat sheet by ex. MailChimp (they should totally sponsor us for this post) and find out all the cool merge tags you can use!


What about adding a poll, a CTA nudging your subscribers to forward the content with the merge tag *|FORWARD|*, or asking them to update their profile with new or extra data (for you to use later in your automation flow) with the *|UPDATE_PROFILE|* merge tag?


The list is looooong and depending on what your KPI’s are there are plenty of easy ways to optimise your emails out there.
These are some of our faves! Go ahead and use them or share them with your fellow marketing geeks or find more inspiration from our other blogs here.

Thanks for reading along

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