INSTAGRAM GIF’s in 3 Steps

GIF up your work: Make your own GIF Stickers for Instagram in 3 Steps

Have you ever wondered how to make your own GIF’s for Instagram? Ever been disappointed about the selection of GIF’s that didn’t quite fit your brand’s identity? Ever settled for a GIF because you felt like bringing extra attention to your post? Hold on – why not just make your own? Yes, you heard me. It is actually not that complicated to get your own personalised GIF’s into the GIF libraries on Instagram and Facebook! Follow this simple guide and you’ll soon go GIF crazy!

First thing first – Make a brand or artist channel 🎨


For your GIF’s to show up on SoMe platforms you’ll have to upload them to GIPHY. For that to happen you need to create a brand or an artist channel. If you as us are a bureau, the best thing is that you create a unique brand channel for each of your relevant clients. This is due to potential future verification, protection of profiles in case of violations, and of course to keep the ownership in your clients hands. Create a brand new profile or apply with an already existing profile here.

Design them GIF’s 💃


Before being able to be accepted as a brand or artist channel you will need to have uploaded 5 GIF’s to your profile. So let’s get started! How do you make GIF’s the easy way:


There is no need to make it more complicated than it is. Head towards Canva, choose a random layout (we used Facebook post) and start creating your design. For every page you’ll have to add a new icon on your design or simply move your design slightly from page to page if wishing for a wiggly effect. Want text that is slowly being added? Simply add a new word for every page. Eg. Page 1 How ; Page 2 How you ; Page 3 How you doing? Then download your design with a transparent background. Note it is very important that your photos have a transparent background otherwise they won’t be added to the gif library later.

Create the actual GIF


You can either use Giphy’s own GIF maker or use other tools like to create the actual GIF from your transparent designs. However, we experienced some issues when using Giphy’s own maker, as it made the transparent background black in the final results (weird, we know), while did the job perfectly. If using you simply download the final GIF-file and then upload it to Giphy and then you have to wait.

Now: Patience and your GIFs are soon ready


When you have your 5 designs and you’ve applied for either a brand or artist channel, then you just have to wait for your designs to be reviewed and allowed into the actually GIF libraries on Instagram. For the last bunch I did, just before writing this blog, we waited five days before we could find them directly on Instagram. Notice, you won’t get any notification that your GIF’s are online, you’ll just have to check regularly (We normally just search our tag in the Instragram GIF module on a story).


Voila! You just learned how to make your own GIF’s for Instagram!


Happy GIF’ing. Let us know if you have any questions or need our help designing your dream GIF’s – We are happy to help, contact us here.

Thanks for reading along.

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