E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most traditional, cheap and most widely used forms of online marketing. Despite the fact that everyone can quickly and easily get started sending emails, it is difficult to achieve success without a clear strategy. If you want successful newsletters sent out, set up an automated campaign, make a strategy, or get optimized design and CTA on your campaigns, but don’t have the time or insight, we can help you!

We have several years of experience in managing newsletters and we are happy to present previous campaigns and results that are high above average for the industries we have worked with.

We set a strong strategy for achieving your business goals; we can help collect signups; we can set up unique segments and provide targeted marketing; we can write and send your newsletters, and then collect and analyse the feedback we get from each campaign. In this way, you are assured great, eye-catching newsletters that clearly communicate your messages, and that have sharp call-to-action buttons that motivate for purchase, as well as optimizing your marketing.