• • Logo Design
  • • Visual identity
  • • Facebook setup
  • • Facebook strategy and training in the medium

Do you also have a hobby you would like to make a living of? Maybe you are already in the process but need help reaching out to more customers and optimizing your processes? 

That’s how it was with Birgitte and Anne, who wanted to turn their passion into a project they could share with even more people, and that’s how “EIK Yoga & Nærværsvandring” was born. 

EIK was an already well-functioning project, which worked offline and the entrepreneurs therefore sought guidance, in order to get online and make a presence on social media. Together we developed a clear identity, with both visual and emotional elements, such as logo, vision and storylines. In addition, Speak Tourism has facilitated Facebook page setup, content planning and event setup. 

The close relationship between the agency and the entrepreneurs, has ensured EIK a sustainable plan for the future and they have been prepared to be able to continue successfully on their own. 

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Anne and I have started EIK with the help of Speak Tourism. We do both smaller and larger events in the area of presence walking and Hatha yoga - our target market is both locals, visitors and tourists, as we both live in northern Jutland - and have started in Tversted. This gave us a challenge in reaching the target market and in defining our brand. Nana has helped and guided us to get the right direction of EIK and been part of the startup of Facebook page Eik, and how to use it. We highly recommend Speak Tourism.

Birgitte Nielsen, yoga instructor and co-founder of EIK.July 2019