• Online Media Strategy
• Social Media Management: Facebook & Instagram
• Brand Ambassadors
• Instagram Shop

At House of Interior, Speak Tourism has been responsible of developing a Social Media Strategy, as well as managing their social media, to optimize and enhance their digital visibility on Facebook and Instagram. The work has consisted of Content Planning, editing of images and videos, constant analysis of results via insights, and customer service, consisting of replying to comments and messages on the previously mentioned pages. Furthermore, we have helped HOI to tag their products and to set up an Instagram Shop via Shopify.
In close cooperation with HOI, we have also started using micro-influencers on Instagram. This has included finding the best ambassadors, establishing agreements, and optimizing and measuring the effects of their campaigns.

Nana has been the main responsible for managing our Instagram and Facebook page, including planning and captions. In addition, she has been a great support for me in establishing blogger collaborations and text / setup for graphic material for social media.
Nana has a good overview, she has been good at planning and, not least, to analyze and provide feedback on the company's positive progress

Matilde Eilersen, Industrial Designer at the House of InteriorJuly 2018