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1.Trust and Safety; 2. Daily Influence and co-operation, and; 3. More time to do what you do best: Those have been the three key phrases for our collaboration. Together with Mediter Real Estate we’ve made it possible for them to outsource a heavy workload, their online marketing, at the same time as giving them the opportunity to feel as though everything was like before: in their hands. The best of all is that Mediter Real Estate now has both a strong online identity while also being able to focus their energy on what they do best: selling luxury dream houses in Spain with extraordinary personal service. With a fixed account manager assigned it’s been possible to share daily snapshots and stories in a quick way, allowing us to take care of the storytelling and have the responsibility of strengthening the relationship with Mediter’s clients. Every initiative has been supported by blogs, SEO-optimized content, and also from leads gathered via Facebook and Google.

We have experienced increasing activity on our SoMe channels since we started collaborating with Nana. She is an original thinker while also constructive, which in many ways has been a needed push for us as well as inspiration. Not only had she positively affected how others perceive the activities in our business, but also made us internally more aware and grateful for what culture and values we have in our team. A warm recommendation from us!

Gitte JensenOffice & Sales Manager, Mediter Real Estate