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Travia – the Matchmaker for Hotels and Travel Agents

Travia is one of our most popular systems, and we are certain that it will innovate the cooperation between hotels and travel agencies, and hopefully it can help Danish, Faroese and Greenlandic accommodations attract new international guests. Digitalization and automation are big focus points in the tourism industry today, and at Godo we agree that those are super important to elevate and future-proof the industry.

Why Is Everyone Certain That Digitalization Is the Key for the Tourism Industry to Bounce Back After the Pandemic?

The short answer: because it is. In a country where salaries are high, it is crucial that all workflows are streamlined, and that admin work is minimized when possible. Optimization and digitalization might not sound too sexy, but the results are sought after by most hoteliers: to have more time for face-to-face customer service, storytelling, and business development.

New kid on the block, Godo, is ready to take on the Danish market and offers state-of-the-art software solutions, which can help boost the digitalization of the tourism industry. Godo is a relatively small company with big aspirations, and we are super passionate about helping accommodations simplify and optimize their current workflows.

The Journey of Godo

Back in Iceland in 2012, two friends, Sverrir and Sveinn, started the company because they wanted to build software solutions for the travel business in Iceland. In short, Godo was created to help the Icelandic hotel and tourism industry adapt to the growing demand from visitors. Back then, many hotels were not even using online booking systems, let alone focusing on their online presence. The goal of Godo was to help all accommodations join the digital age of hospitality.

GODO has wanted to join the Danish market for some years now, because we have seen the market developing greatly, but most importantly because we believe that our products can help a lot of accommodations here.

We are excited to offer a state-of-the-art property management system for the Danish, Faroese, and Greenlandic hotels with a wide range of digital options. We are certain that we can help many properties enter the next digital stage and give them more time and freedom to do what they do best: give the guest the best experience possible.

About Godo Denmark

Anna Högnadóttir has an extensive background in hospitality, getting her first hotel job back in Iceland at the age of 15. Since, she has been in and out of the industry, but always comes back. After working 6 years at in Denmark, she went on to manage a hostel in Copenhagen and start her own company for adult learning, where she has been teaching communication in hospitality.

The other part of our team, Lotte Kragh Andersen, has a degree in Cultural Economics and Aesthetics & Culture, and joined the hospitality industry in 2016 at, while living in London. After moving back to Denmark, she continued working for, so – just like Anna – she has a lot of in-depth knowledge about the Danish hotel industry and knows a lot of the struggles a hotelier can face in their daily work.
We both share a passion to make the work of accommodations as smooth and effective as possible, and we are certain that Godo’s solutions can make a big difference. We are very keen on creating great results for our partners and spot new possibilities within the travel market.

Travia – Simplifying the Booking Process Like a Champ

The system we want to highlight in this blog is Travia. If you have ever worked in a hotel, you know that it can be really time consuming and a tedious process to confirm at booking with a travel agency – and the other way around. Normally it is a matter of emailing and calling back and forth until you agree on the terms and prices, and before you get all the information needed. Travia eliminates this waste of time and removes the human errors.

We are super thrilled about this platform, as it makes life so much easier for both parties: hotels can upload prices and availability and start receiving direct bookings from the travel agents immediately, and travel agencies can book directly at the hotels with instant confirmation or send allotment requests via the system. This means that all the information is in one place, just as it should be. In short, we set Travia up in a way that will create as many win-win situations as possible. Ultimately this means a better experience and service for the VIP: the guest.

Even though travel agencies and accommodations are closely related and part of the same industry, there has been a missing link until now. By supplying this link – Travia – we can close on the many gaps between stakeholders within the hospitality industry.

Thinking outside the box and creating new systems is what the industry needs from software developers right now. Luckily, we see new missing links and shortcut-systems being created all the time, so as far as we see it, the digital future of the tourism industry is looking bright!


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